The Life Laser Therapy 12 Month Weight Loss Program…

Our program is designed to help you deal with the emotional and physical aspects of changing your lifestyle. You will understand the dynamics of weight loss in everyday situations. You are in control and we will be there to help provide support and encouragement on an ongoing basis.

The Life Laser Therapy center’s premier weight loss program has been featured in the national magazine, Woman’s World. The weight loss sessions utilize the laser technology in a comprehensive individualized program, designed to provide nutritional guidance and motivational support.

The program includes one complete Laser treatment per month with weekly weigh-ins, along with one Far-Infrared Sauna Session, and one Ionic Foot Detox as well.

Look better, feel better, live better! Now you can lose weight without going hungry or enduring stressful cravings! The Life Laser Therapy Weight Loss program is customized especially for you, controlled by you, to help you meet your specific needs and goals for a healthier, happier life.

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12-Month Life Laser Therapy Weight Loss Program – $499

PhenTabz not included

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The Weight Loss Program Benefits:

  • Our Goal is to Help You Lose 2-3 lbs/week for One Year
  • Customized Menu Plans
  • Fast, Effective and Convenient
  • Individually Designed
  • Varied, Fun and Flexible
  • No Point Counting
  • Comprehensive and Affordable
  • Fits Any Lifestyle

Best Weight Loss Supplement – Dr Fred J. Burford,

PhenTabz is clinically proved to:

  • Suppress Appetite
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Increase Energy Levels
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PhentabzWithout the right tools, losing weight safely and keeping it off are nearly impossible. Fighting genetics, hunger, lack of energy and motivation is enough to make the strongest willed person quit or not even bother attempting to lose weight! PhenTabz was specifically designed with all these real world and important factors in mind.

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