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 Life Laser Testimonial video



The Life Laser Therapy Center has received numerous press reviews and testimonials, here is some praise from our clients:

“About a year ago I quit smoking with a few months and gained several pounds so I began smoking again. Then I heard about the Life Laser treatment and decided to try it. That was three weeks ago. I have very little withdrawal symptoms and have even lost three pounds to date!”
– Brenda H.
– Punta Gorda, FL

“I have been biting my fingernails for over 50 years and went to Life Laser for four treatments. For my whole life my nails were sore from biting and looked terrible. I always tried to hide my nails. I am so happy to have fingernails for the first time in my life. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has a nail biting or compulsive habit. Thank you Kathy of Life Laser!”
– Mark B.
– Englewood, FL

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